Read Replica Databases

Read replica databases offer a range of advantages that bolster database performance, availability, and scalability.

Why add read replicas to your database?

  • Improved Read Performance: Offload read queries from the primary database to allow for quicker response times and higher throughput.

  • Scalability and Load Balancing: Horizontal scaling with additional read replicas distributes queries evenly, optimizing performance and preventing overloads.

  • Efficient Analytical Workloads: Divert resource-intensive analytical queries to read replicas to maintain performance for both operational and analytical tasks.

Incorporating read replica databases into your data management strategy can yield efficient, responsive, and reliable user experiences.

Gigalixir is proud to announce this Enterprise feature is now available in the Standard tier. Read replicas can be created in the Gigalixir Console or from the Gigalixir CLI 1.8.0 or greater.

gigalixir pg:read_replicas:create -d DATABASE_ID

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