Gigalixir-24 Stack Released

Time marches on and so does Gigalixir. We are excited to announce the release of the Gigalixir-24 stack, based on Ubuntu 24.04.

The gigalixir-24 stack was soft released on May 10th, 2024. Gigalixir-24 is now the default for all new apps.

Upgrading an existing application

Please review this section before upgrading your application to the gigalixir-24 stack. If you have any questions or concerns about upgrading, please contact our Support.

Upgrade Concerns

Upgrading a Mix App

If you are running a mix app on gigalixir-22 or prior and you do not have an explicit .buildpacks file, you will need to add an empty file to /.gigalixir/mix to inform the gigalixir-24 stack to operate in Mix mode.

Upgrading an Elixir Release App

If you are running an Elixir Releases app, you will no longer require a /config/releases.exs file. The gigalixir-24 stack defaults to Elixir Releases for the build type.

Upgrading a Distillery App

We are no longer supporting distillery, since it has been deprecated. If you are running a distillery app and need to upgrade to the gigalixir-24 stack, please contact our Support for assistance.

Performing the Upgrade

To upgrade an existing application to the gigalixir-24 stack, you can run the following command:

gigalixir stack:set gigalixir-24

After setting the stack, you will need to push a new commit to rebuild and redeploy your application to apply the changes. You can revert back through the same process.

We recommend you also clean the build cache when switching stacks:

git -c http.extraheader="GIGALIXIR-CLEAN: true" push gigalixir

Creating a new app with an older stack

If you wish to deploy with one of the older stacks, you can sepcify their stack during application creation:

gigalixir create --stack gigalixir-22

Stack End-of-life Schedule

The gigalixir stacks will receive package and security updates until the End-of-life date sepcified below.

Stack Available End-of-life
gigalixir-24 May 2024 2029-03-31
gigalixir-22 May 2022 2027-03-31
gigalixir-20 May 2020 2025-03-31
gigalixir-18 May 2018 2024-06-30
gigalixir-16 2017 2021-06-30
gigalixir-14 2017 2019-06-30