Push Non-Main Branches to Staging Sites

What if you want to push a non-main branch to your staging Gigalixir environment?

Our build system only works on main or master. However, this is just what you call the branch to us. So you can push anything to main/master like so:

git push gigalixir staging:main
git push gigalixir other-branch:main

Some customers will rename their remotes so they can easily push to one project or the other:

gigalixir create -n my-app-production
git remote rename gigalixir production
gigalixir create -n my-app-staging
git remote rename gigalixir staging

git push staging staging:main
git push production main

More info can be found in the git help, eg: “git help push” or “git help remote”.

If anything isn’t clear, please feel free to reach out to Gigalixir Support.